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Expert Carpet Cleaning in Pratt’s Bottom

ACC Carpet Cleaners provides high-quality carpet cleaning services at reasonable rates for homeowners and businesses in Pratt’s Bottom. The environment here, while idyllic in many respects, can be tough on carpets. The green spaces and wooded areas encourage outdoor activity which then leads to dirt and debris being tracked into home and office. The solution to dirty carpets in Pratt’s Bottom is not to stay inside, the solution is to call the professionals at A Cleaner Carpet. Our record for providing customer satisfaction is as spotless as the carpets we leave behind.

The ACC Difference

A lot of carpet cleaning services show up at your home or business with a portable carpet cleaning machine they rent at the local home centre. At ACC Carpet Cleaners, we aspire to a higher standard of carpet cleaning in Pratt’s Bottom. Our truck-mounted system puts unparalleled cleaning potential in the hands of our technicians, all of whom are thoroughly trained to make the most of it. When someone uses a carpet cleaning machine, the end result is often soggy, poorly cleaned carpets that wind up smelling mouldy. When our technicians finish with your carpets they smell and feel as clean as they look.

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning services in Pratt’s Bottom

Portable carpet cleaning machines often deposit more liquid onto your carpet than they can remove. In far too many cases the end result is the aforementioned soggy, mouldy carpets. That won’t happen with our truck-mounted system. Cleaning solution is measured out in precise amounts that are never enough to overwhelm the system. Once it has done its job the spent solution is removed by way of the truck-mounted vacuum which is far more powerful than anything you can rent in the home centre. That ensures nothing is left behind that could produce mould or unpleasant odours.




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A Cleaner Carpet is a family-owned and operated business. We believe in the old-fashioned values of hard work and fair pricing. Make sure you get the most from your carpet cleaning budget by calling A Cleaner Carpet today on 08000 135 222.

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