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Over 30,000 Cleaning Jobs Completed

ACC Carpet Cleaners have been providing carpet and rug cleaning services in and around Orpington since 1958, consistently delivering a first class service.   Our motto is “accountability starts with ACC and that’s what we are, accountable for everything that we do”.

We provide the best carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial establishments in and around the Orpington area. Our team of expert carpet cleaners are well-trained and efficient.   Our excellent customer satisfaction over the years proves why we’re still in business over half a century after opening.

We offer carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and other ancillary services. And through our methodical approach to cleaning, stains and other types of dirt are effectively removed from your carpet, rug or upholstery.   We always talk the client through the process paying particular attention to any stains that we think may prove difficult to remove.

If you live in the Orpington area and your carpets need cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Whether you’re looking for carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning or any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a FREE no obligation quote.

Professional carpet cleaning services in Orpington

ACC first opened for business in 1958 and have been providing an efficient and reliable Orpington carpet cleaning service ever since. Our long experience enables our carpet cleaning operatives to be trained in-house, although when appropriate and to keep up with the latest technology, they attend external courses. You can be certain that our operatives are up to date with the latest carpet cleaning technology using the latest and most powerful equipment.


Orpington’s top carpet cleaners

Here’s some great reasons why you should choose us for your carpet cleaning in Orpington.

Over 60 years experience

We’re proud to have over 60 years of experience in the industry. ACC Carpet Cleaners have been able to stay in the business for this long because we provide only the best quality of service for our customers. Since opening our business in 1958, we’ve been giving 100 per cent satisfactory services and our customers have never complained. This is something that we commit to and will continue to provide in the years to come.

Best equipment in the UK

Our truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are the most powerful in the UK. These carpet cleaning machines are 25 times more effective than traditional carpet cleaners when it comes to cleaning stubborn stains and dirt ingrained in the deepest fibres of your carpet. Our machine can reach your home or office and leave your carpets spotless and looking brand new.

Eco-friendly cleaning

We use environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning methods and materials. We source our cleaning solutions from top eco-friendly brands and make sure that these agents have the right pH balance. This way, not only are we ensuring minimal environmental impact, but we are also able to keep the colour and quality of your rugs and carpets at their best.


Our carpet cleaning service

Yes, we provide a speedy and skilful service to our customers, but we do not make silly promises. Just how long it will take us to clean a particular carpet depends upon:

  • Just how many carpets we have to clean
  • The number of carpet cleaning machines we use for the job
  • How dirty the carpets are

However, no job is too big or too small for us. Because we use the best carpet cleaning tools and machines, we can take care of most of your carpet cleaning needs. Our truck-mounted and portable cleaning machines make it possible for us to offer first class service to you in and around Orpington and London. As with our past and current clients, we can enter into a maintenance cleaning contract with you or offer a one-off carpet cleaning service.

We clean more than just carpets…

ACC Carpet Cleaners also clean the following to domestic and commercial properties.

Through these cleaning services, virtually every indoor surface you have will be spotless.

Convinced of our capabilities? Experience the ACC Carpet Cleaners difference by calling us on 08000 135 222 or by sending us an e-mail at info@carpetcleanerslondon.co.uk for more information.

Our carpet cleaning approach

We have a very committed approach to working for our clients as you can see from the picture. In this instance there were roadworks outside the main front entrance, so we parked around the back and fed the hose through the window.  We don’t see problems, we see challenges! Once on site we survey the carpets paying particular attention to any stains; whether they are from chewing gum, oil or water will determine which cleaning chemicals we use. We have a variety of machines, techniques and chemicals available and are happy to explain the reasons why we are using a particular combination to the client. It is in both our interests to look after the client’s carpet and ensure our Carpet Cleaning Methods are appropriate.

We buy our cleaning chemicals from a very reputable company and the products we use have absolutely no adverse environmental effects. If we find a stubborn stain we do our best to remove it. On the rare occasion when a stain cannot be removed we explain the reasons to our customer.  It is our proud boast that in the many years we have been in business we have never had an unhappy client.

So, get in touch with us today to find out more about our Carpet Cleaning Services. We are always more than happy to help.

Cleaning carpets using the truck mounted machine to 3rd floor St. Thomas' Hospital

Cleaning different surfaces

At ACC, we clean a variety of surfaces aside from carpets. The array of surfaces we clean means we take a different but equally effective approach in tackling each cleaning job.

Carpet Cleaning

Using our truck-mounted carpet cleaning system, we can clean residential carpets almost anywhere. The combination of our cleaning machine, pre-softened hot water and environmentally friendly cleaning agents makes our carpet cleaning approach up to 25 times more efficient than a standard industrial steam cleaning service.

Rug Cleaning

We know that rugs brighten and liven up any room, but dirt and stains that accumulate on these floor accents lower their aesthetic value. This is why we offer cleaning services for all kinds of rugs, including Oriental, Persian, modern and antique varieties.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in commercial establishments play a huge role in making or breaking your business. In high traffic areas, dirt and grime build up over time and may harbour allergens that pose health hazards to you, your employees and your customers. This is where we come in. Your traditional vacuum won’t get the job done, but ACC Carpet Cleaners will.

Covering London and the South East

We offer our Carpet Cleaning in Orpington and the following areas:

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Do you want a FREE no obligation quote?

Whether you’re looking for carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning or any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a FREE no obligation quote.