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End of tenancy carpet cleaning in Bromley

If you are a landlord, you know how stressful and exhausting end of tenancy cleaning can be. The property has to be left clean and hygienic, a potential tenant can be immediately turned off if the property looks like it has not been taken well care of. As the landlord you won’t be able to show the property to prospective tenants, and indeed if you are the leaving tenant it may be part of your Contract to clean the property before you hand the keys back.

That’s where we come in, ACC Carpet Cleaners London offer end of tenancy steam cleaning of carpets in Bromley and the surrounding area.

End of tenancy carpet cleaning services in Bromley

Why should you hire us?

Cleanliness and order are important factors when trying to rent out a property, and if the previous tenant has left the place dirty and in a mess it can be difficult to find new tenants who will want to live there. Or if you are the tenant it may be your responsibility to hand the property back in a clean condition.

At ACC Carpet Cleaners London, our end of tenancy cleaning services can help you. We clean all types of properties from studio flats to family homes. Our cleaners have the skills, experience and knowledge to provide quick and efficient cleaning services, and followed with the steam cleaning of carpets, this is the icing on the cake! We are also proud to say that we use eco-friendly products sourced from a reputable company.

Bromley end of tenancy carpet cleaning

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The benefits of our end of tenancy carpet cleaning

01. Saves you time and effort

End of tenancy cleaning is a time-consuming activity because it involves making sure that every feature of the property is perfectly clean. If you hire ACC Carpet Cleaners London, we can finish the job in a few hours and you don’t even have to be present during our clean-up. You can spend that time with your family and friends or searching for new tenants to occupy your property. After hiring our services, you will have spotless carpets without even lifting a finger.

02. The professional difference

ACC Carpet Cleaners London uses high-end equipment to provide your property with thorough and efficient cleaning. We have all the necessary cleaning tools and innovative techniques that will simplify the entire cleaning process. Our team of professional cleaners will leave your property smelling fresh, looking amazing and free from stubborn marks or stains.

03. Increased occupancy rates

Your occupancy rate is vital because when your rental property stands empty, you are missing out on profit. When prospective tenants search for a property to rent, they compare all of the properties available in the area. They’re unlikely to choose your property if it falls short on cleanliness compared to other residences in the area.

You can avoid this situation with our end of tenancy carpet cleaning services, as we will clean your place from top to bottom until it fits your standards.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose us?

Here’s some great reasons why you should choose us for your cleaning in London.

Deep Clean

We remove stains and dust mites throughout the cleaning process.

Refreshed & New

We restore the original beauty and quality of your rug.

Fast & Professional

Our cleaning methods are fast and our staff are experts.

Competitive prices

We’ve been cleaning for over 50 years and still as competitive as ever!

50+ Years Experience

We’re proud to have over 50 years of experience in the industry.

Best Equipment in UK

Our truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are the most powerful in the UK.

Eco-friendly Cleaning

We use environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaning methods and materials.

Top Rated Service

Our high rating on Checkatrade is currently 9.94!


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