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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Locksbottom

Among its range of cleaning services, ACC Carpet Cleaners London provides carpet cleaning for homes and businesses in Locksbottom. As a family-run business, we are familiar with the needs and demands of property owners, enabling our team to ensure that every job order or cleaning project, no matter how big or small, is executed accordingly.


Taking Care of Your Home in Locksbottom

Apart from having strings of ornamental lights hanging from the façade of your home, or tiled floors lining up the walkway that leads to your gate, the exterior of a property is just as appealing as its interior. However, homeowners often focus on and prioritise the cleanliness, sanitation and appearance of a house’s interior – especially the bedrooms and living areas. That being said, the exteriors of a property are, at times, neglected. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if maintenance takes place on a regular basis.

ACC Carpet Cleaners specialises in taking care of rugs, carpets and upholstery of homes and offices, but that doesn’t mean the other areas of a property are left untidy. We also provide hard floor cleaning for both inside and out, and any client can set up a regular schedule with us, which means you won’t have to worry about the outside area of your property deteriorating right underneath your nose. Whenever you have office or home carpets and upholstery cleaned, why not have the hard floors shined as well?


We offer a range of cleaning services in Locksbottom

Cleaning can be quite a chore for property owners, especially when they are not used to dealing with so much dust or trained in handling cleaning tools. At best, they end up exhausted with a semi-decent job to show for it; which is the reason residents and businesses in Locksbottom call ACC Carpet Cleaners.

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Why Clean Carpets are Important

Carpets are a haven for bacteria and grime. Your carpet has about 200,000 microorganisms per square inch. So, it’s fair to say that filth can easily accumulate on carpets. This dirt usually consists of dust mites, pet fur, grime, and stains. Having these things linger on carpets is dangerous to your home’s health as this can weaken the immune system and cause allergies.

What’s more, built-up dirt on carpets can cause discolouration which takes away from the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior. That’s why we encourage you to use our carpet cleaning service.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning Technology

Cleaning your carpets, yourself is difficult as it can be hard to get rid of those deep-set stains and eliminate invisible dirt. That’s why you should trust us to do it for you. We employ cutting-edge carpet cleaning technology that ensures your carpets are cleaned down to fibre.

Our truck-mounted system has 25 times more cleaning efficiency than a standard industrial steam-cleaning machine. This means that we can thoroughly clean your carpets and free them of dirt. The dirt from the carpet is extracted back to our truck to nothing is left behind. Thus, you’ll be left with completely clean and fresh carpets that feel brand new!

Why Choose Us

Our 60 years of carpet cleaning experience make us the leading carpet cleaners in Locksbottom. It’s due to our years in the industry that our customers trust us time and again to clean their carpets.

What’s more, our advanced equipment means that we do an outstanding job every time. We pair our powerful equipment with eco-friendly cleaning solutions so we can offer your carpet a gentle yet thorough clean whilst also protecting the environment.

Contact Our Professional Carpet Cleaners

We are passionate about transforming carpets and making them appear brand new. Our carpet cleaners are happy to clean your carpets. So, if you would like your carpets cleaned to perfection, we encourage to contact our friendly team today.

Locksbottom’s Trusted Carpet Cleaners

Keeping the rugs and carpets of your home or office taken care of by experts is tantamount to maintaining a healthy environment. If you have a one-off cleaning job that you want to take care of but simply can’t find the time to do so, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll do all the dirty work for you.

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Here’s some great reasons why you should choose us for your carpet cleaning in Locksbottom.

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