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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Farnborough

Another day done, and another layer of dust and dirt falls on your carpets. The news is nothing new. Rugs and carpets are prone to the accumulation of germs and harmful allergens, after all. Vacuuming, however, is insufficient to eliminate these contaminants. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive cleaning system for carpets and rugs; we provide professional home and office carpet cleaning services in Farnborough.


Why Choose Us?

We at ACC Carpet Cleaners use our industry knowledge and expertise to develop cleaning solutions. Our operatives work to ensure that our services are tailored to your needs. Whether it is your carpet or any other floor covering, we have the resources to clean them of stains and odours.

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We offer a range of cleaning services in Farnborough

Office and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Office carpets, which are passive repositories to dust, dirt, and grime because of frequent foot traffic, can become unsightly quickly. Our truck-mounted system cleans carpets right on the spot, so it gets the regular upkeep and maintenance they need to maintain their good condition. Our operatives carry out their tasks with a pipe and cleaning wand. The water is sourced from the truck which will also handle the proper disposal of the refuse. We use non-hazardous cleaning agents that will not damage your carpets, no matter how fine or delicate the fibres are. Our operatives take a meticulous and detailed approach to ensure that your carpet is spotless at the end of the service.


We also offer a range of other services in Farnborough:

Rug Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Farnborough’s Trusted Carpet Cleaners

Although relatively smaller than carpets, rugs are still susceptible to the same problems as the former. As such, we have trained our operatives to clean these coverings. Our services are available for the following types of rugs: Oriental, Persian, Modern, Antique.

We are careful in cleaning your rugs, particularly antiques, but do not do it at the expense of your convenience. We use our truck-mounted cleaning system to carry out these services in a timely manner.

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