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Carpet Cleaning Thornton Heath

Carpets endure a lot, from daily foot traffic to inevitable spills and mishaps. Over time, their once vibrant appearance might dull. But not to worry—ACC Carpet Cleaners stand ready to refresh and rejuvenate them.

We’ve been serving the Thornton Heath area for over 60 years, attending to even the worst-case scenarios. With our powerful systems and deep understanding of carpet care, we are the premier destination for all your carpet cleaning needs. So reach out to your friendly ACC team today, and let’s restore your carpets to their original appearance.


Carpets play an integral role in our homes and businesses, silently bearing the brunt of everyday life. At ACC Carpet Cleaners, we understand the importance of maintaining their pristine condition. With our seasoned team at the helm, expect your carpets to spring back to their former glory, revitalised and vibrant.


Our adept technicians come equipped with the latest tools and industry techniques, guaranteeing a comprehensive clean for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether it’s the well-trodden corridors of an office building or the cosy confines of your living room, our tailored approach ensures thorough cleanliness right down to the very fibres.

Dirt, stains, allergens—our methodical cleaning process eradicates them all, ensuring a safer and more aesthetic space for inhabitants and visitors alike. After all, a clean carpet isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s a nod to health and hygiene, too.


Our Services

Rug Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning


Our service doesn’t end with carpets. ACC Carpet Cleaners provides a wide range of cleaning services, including rug, curtain and leather upholstery care. Using both truck-mounted and versatile portable machines, we ensure top-notch cleaning, no matter where you are.

High floor or ground level, our adaptable equipment is suited for every scenario, ensuring that even the most inaccessible of places enjoy the ACC touch.


The quest for cleaner carpets ends here. Engage with ACC Carpet Cleaners and witness first-hand the transformation of your carpets from lacklustre to lustrous. To book our top-notch services in Thornton Heath, speak with a dedicated ACC representative today. Your journey to brighter, fresher carpets is just a phone call away. Dial 020 7821 1221 to get started.

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Thornton Heath’s top carpet cleaners

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