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Part of a healthy and happy home is cleanliness. A clean home means clean carpet. Unfortunately, dirty carpets are very common, and they are amongst the dirtiest places in our homes. Cleaning your carpets, yourself using traditional methods such as hoovering does not thoroughly clean your carpets.

If you have noticed dirt carpets in your Kidbrooke property, you should contact ACC Carpet Cleaners. Our carpet cleaning technicians know everything there is about carpets and how to get them cleaned. Once our carpet cleaners are done with your carpets, they will feel and look brand-new.

Why Clean Carpets are Important

Carpets are a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. Each square inch of your carpet has around 200,000 bacteria.  It’s easy for dirt to grow on carpets. Typically, dust mites, pet fur, grime, and stains accumulate and are difficult to remove with conventional cleaning techniques.

That’s why, you need to contact experts like ACC Carpet Cleaners. Our carpet cleaners have the necessary skills and training to clean your carpets thoroughly. Using our tried-and-true cleaning techniques, our experienced staff will get rid of microscopic dirt and bacteria. Your carpets will be transformed to look brand new thanks to our professional equipment’s stain removal technology.


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Advanced Carpet Cleaning Technology

Other cleaning services use basic technology to get your carpets cleaned. This means that your carpets are only superficially cleaned.

This isn’t the case with our carpet cleaning services. We use advanced technology to get your carpets cleaned. The truck mounted equipment is 25 times more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Our specialised truck-mounted equipment allows us to perform deep carpet cleaning that penetrates your carpet fibres. This advanced equipment gives us access to unmatched cleaning potential. Your carpets will receive a thorough cleaning that will make them appear, smell, and feel like new.

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 Professional carpet cleaning is second nature to us, and we’re sure to get your carpets cleaned to the highest calibre. If you’re in Kidbrooke and would like your property’s carpets cleaned, contact us today.


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