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Carpet Cleaning in Deptford: A Fresh Start for Your Floors

Experience the ACC Difference: Where Impeccable Service Meets a Sparkling Finish

At ACC Carpet Cleaners, we’re not just about cleaning carpets in Deptford; we’re about reinvigorating your space. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, we bring a dash of pizzazz to your floors, ensuring they’re not just clean but radiate a welcoming charm.

We invite you to make the call today to experience exceptional carpet cleaning from the pros at ACC. We’ll have your Deptford residence glowing with spectacularly clean carpets.

Say Goodbye to Lacklustre Carpets

Are your carpets looking a bit under the weather? Do they reflect past spills and footprints? We hear you. At ACC Carpet Cleaners, our comprehensive cleaning process breathes new life into your carpets, banishing stains, odours and allergens.

Why Trust ACC for Your Deptford Carpets?

Choosing a carpet cleaner is like picking a dance partner—you want someone who knows the steps. Here’s why we’re the Fred Astaire of carpet cleaning:

  • In-Depth Cleaning: Our advanced techniques aren’t just a surface sweep. They dive deep, targeting stubborn stains and hidden dirt.
  • Health-Friendly: Our process kicks allergens and bacteria to the curb, promoting a healthier environment.
  • Aesthetic Boost: We don’t just clean; we transform. Your carpets will look, feel, and practically wink back at you.
  • Eco-Conscious Choices: Our planet-friendly products are tough on dirt but gentle on the Earth.

What’s more, our professionally trained technicians are the pillars of our services. And it’s because of our continued training that all members of the ACC team understand your needs and ensure your carpets get the royal treatment.


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Our Legacy

Founded by the visionary Bob Bellamy in 1958, ACC Carpet Cleaners is more than a business; it’s a legacy. Our family-run approach, peppered with 90 years of collective experience, is our commitment to excellence.


We’re not just talking the talk. As Kent County Council Trading Standards approved, we walk the walk in delivering exceptional service.

Your Next Step to Carpet Nirvana

Ready to give your Deptford carpets the makeover they deserve? Dial 020 7821 1221, and let’s set the stage for your carpet’s revival!

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Here’s some great reasons why you should choose us for your carpet cleaning in Deptford.

Deep Clean

Refreshed & New

Fast & Professional

Competitive prices

50 Years Experience

Best Equipment in UK

Eco-friendly Cleaning

Top Rated Service

Covering London, & The South East

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