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Family run business with over 50 years experience

“We are a family run business who have been steam cleaning carpets and rugs for over 50 years, serving the public and commercial clients and we are very good at what we do.”

All of our operators are in-house trained and have been with us for a minimum of 20 years, we do not use sub-contractors.

Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience in carpet cleaning using all methods including rotary brush carpet cleaning, dry cleaning carpets, bonnet carpet cleaning, hot water extraction carpet cleaning, steam carpet cleaning and truck mounted carpet cleaning.

We use portable steam cleaning machines and truck mounted steam cleaning machines.

Both of these types inject steam and detergent into the carpets under pressure whilst almost simultaneously extracting it out together with the dirt and grime. But the truck mounted carpet cleaning method is undoubtedly the most powerful of them all, not only extracting the dirt and grime but also up to 95% of the moisture.

It has up to 25 times more cleaning efficiency than a standard steam cleaning machine. The truck mounted steam cleaning machine is particularly useful for cleaning carpets to common areas in residential blocks where there is no available water or electricity.

Director, Overall responsibility for cleaning
Director, Overall responsibility for cleaning
Director, Overall responsibility for administration
Director, Overall responsibility for administration

It carries its own power source and pre-softened hot water, and the dirty water is automatically extracted back to the truck so nothing re-circulates within the property. There is minimum noise and disruption to the premises because the machine is actually built into the back of the truck and we only bring the pipe and cleaning wand in. Our latest truck mounted carpet cleaning machine cost £20,000 to buy and install which gives an idea of its superiority.

Some carpet cleaners have to leave blower fans in place to assist drying because their machines are under-powered. Our steam cleaning machines are so powerful that they extract most of the moisture letting the carpets dry naturally. And don’t forget because our machines do actually go up to steam we use less water and as a consequence of this the carpets are not saturated as they might be if they have been cleaned with inferior machines.

Please call our London office on 020 7821 1221 or Kent office on 01689 857932 to discuss your needs, we will definitely have the answer. And just bear in mind that we are the Company other carpet cleaners come to when they have a carpet cleaning problem they can’t solve.

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